General Hospital News And Spoilers: Kirsten Storms Injures Herself, Explains Why Maxie Will Be Wearing A Brace

Often times when an actor gets into any type of accident or has injured themselves in some way, if they aren’t required to take time off work, their unjust may be present in the scenes immediately following the real life incident.

General Hospital news reports confirm Kirsten Storms explains a recent self inflicted injury in her latest post on Instagram.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Storms was throwing out a bag of garbage when the incident occurred. In her IG caption, Kirsten describes how she got the garbage bag drawstring wrapped around her fingers. Kirsten explained that she will be wearing a brace in her upcoming scenes and Maxie Jones and wanted to address the issue to fans before there was confusion and speculation.

Storms joked that her ex, Brandon Barash (ex-Johnny Zacchara) teased that it was “karma for all the times I’ve flipped him off.”

Kirsten was in good spirits, cracking jokes and making light of the situation. She even chalked the experience up to a lesson learned. General Hospital news reports are happy to confirm Storms will not need any time away from the set of General Hospital as a result of her recent injury to her fingers.

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