General Hospital News And Spoilers: Kristen Alderson Opens Up About Bringing Back Starr Along With (Roger’s) Todd Manning

Daytime TV alum, Kristen Alderson has been an iconic part of the soap opera world since age six. In 1998, Alderson auditioned and took on the role of, Start Manning. That name become a household familiarity after she stole the hearts of her One Life To Live, audience.

After the cancellation of ABC’s OLTL, Kristen joined the cast of General Hospital, as her all familiar role, playing Starr Manning. Shortly after her character, along with Roger Howarth’s portrayal of Todd Manning, arrived in Port Charles de Llanview, the characters then has to be renamed due to lawsuits regarding the usage of character names. Alderson remained on General Hospital with a new identity, Kiki Jerome. She then left the soap opera in 2015.

General Hospital rumors have developed surrounding Roger Howarth’s character Franco Baldwin and his untimely death. Since General Hospital news confirmed that Howarth will in fact be returning to GH, fans have been coming up with theories for Howarth’s return and just “who” he will be when he returns. There has been talks surrounding Roger’s OG character from One Life To Live, and a possible revival of Todd Manning.

A major fan theory involving the return of Todd Manning could involve the return of Starr Manning as well. When asked about the possibility of returning to General Hospital, Anderson was quick to reply with a positive response. She said, “It would be a dream come true.” When reflecting on leaving GH back in 2015, she believes it was the best situation for her personal life at the time. She continued Bobby explaining, “I just learned a lot about who I am. But I would be really sad if someone said you could never play Starr Manning again because she is a part of me. So, if I had the chance to play her again it would just be the happiest thing.”

General Hospital news and spoilers have confirmed Roger will return to GH. However, his character, Franco Baldwin, seems to be undeniably dead. Franco’s death, along with GH news confirmation of Roger’s return has left GH fans open to theories for his comeback. It’s been rumored that Howarth will reprise his role on GH as Todd Manning, possibly leaving an open opportunity to reunite the Manning family.

What are fan thoughts on the return of Todd and Starr Manning? Feel free to share and discuss!

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