General Hospital News And Spoilers: Marcus Coloma Dishes His Thoughts On The Man He Replaced, Tyler Christopher, And Sharing The Stage

Often times we wonder how an actor feels when they are replaced for whatever reason. It’s also common to think about how the actor who is replacing an iconic character feels about their new role.

General Hospital news reports confirm that Marcus Coloma has sat down with General Hospital’s, Maurice Benard, in an episode of Benard’s YouTube channel, State of Mind.

General Hospital spoilers reveal there’s no need to feel squeamish in anticipation of an awkward discussion about Tyler Christopher. Marcus Coloma had some big shoes to fill after Tyler Christopher made the role of Nikolas Cassadine his own over the years.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal that in an interview with Maurice, GH’s portrayer of Sonny Corinthos, Coloma revealed his true thoughts about the man who came before him as Nikolas Cassadine. Coloma told Maurice that he’s been struggling with getting into a true feel for Nikolas because he know he had to live up to a certain standard. He disclosed, “Because it’s one thing if you’re replacing someone you think you’re better than, but honestly, I think he’s great.”

Recent General Hospital news reports reveal that Tyler Christopher was ready to return to work. Following this news, General Hospital rumors made claims that Tyler would someone return to General Hospital. GH fans have come to love Marcos Coloma’s portrayal of Nikolas, and the suggestion came about that Coloma and Christopher could share the canvas somehow. Possibly, Christopher returning as an entirely different character. Marcus himself admitted, “I would love if somehow we could all work together,” he continued to tell Benard, “because I thought he’s incredible.”

General Hospital comings and goings reports have not confirmed any type of status changes regarding Tyler and a potential GH return. We will keep you up to date on any new developments.

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