General Hospital News And Spoilers: Maurice Benard Opens Up About How Sonny’s Current Storyline Effects His Own Personal Mental Health

Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) is in the eye of the storm as the events in his life have lined up in such a way that has caused Sonny’s mental health to take a rapid decline.

General Hospital news reports remind GH fans that not only does Sonny Corinthos battle mental health issues such as bipolar dispersed, as does Sonny’s portrayer, Maurice Benard. Benard is very open about his mental health, raising awareness with his YouTube series, State of Mind.

Due to the nature of the current storyline which involves Sonny going through a manic episode. Maurice has been receiving a lot of tweets as fans are concerned for his mental health. They truly care and want to make sure that Benard’s work life isn’t taking a toll on his real life. General Hospital spoilers reveal Benard has addressed fan’s concerns surrounding his own personal mental health and how going to work, and playing out Sonny’s current story has an effect in his daily life.

General Hospital spoilers reveal, Maurice explained that although his acting as Sonny is particularly dark at this time, he assures fans of exactly that- it’s acting. He is ale to separate the role from real life, even when it hits this close to home.

Take a look at the video below as Maurice explains and gives fans a reason to rest easier now, knowing that Maurice is holding up very well through Sonny’s darkest hours. ❤️