General Hospital News and Spoilers: Maurice Dishes On Maura and Sonny and Ava’s Relationship

Maurice dishes on Maura and Sonny and Ava

Maurice dishes on Maura! Let’s be honest, the night Sonny and Ava gave into impulsive lead them to where they are today. All it took was one session of hate s3x in a crypt and bam! Sonny and Ava are connected for life.

Sonny and Dante at the scene Morgan Corinthos dies cat bomb

As a rival to the Corinthos Organization, the Jerome family posed an immediate threat the moment that family stepped back into Port Charles. Although Ava left the family mob business, unlike her sister Olivia, she was still as lethal as they come. Ava Jerome killed Connie Falconeri. On top of that she had a major role in Sonny’s son Morgan Corinthos’s (Bryan Craig) death.

Sonny and Ava crypt sex

Ironically, despite it all Sonny and Ava managed to maintain mutual respect and even cooperation as Avery’s parents. Moreover, Sonny honors Ava’s position in his life as his daughter ms mother.

According to the latest GH news and spoilers Maurice dishes on Maura West and Sonny and Ava. In a recent interview, the 2 time daytime Emmy winner discussed Sonny and Ava’s evolving relationship. It’s no secret that Sonny treated Ava “like dirt,” as Benard described, but he had his obvious reasons. However, the past is the past I supposed. Now, Maurice is happy that Sonny can be there for Ava and their daughter when in need.