General Hospital News And Spoilers: Roger Howarth Admits Being Terrified To Return To GH

The entire General Hospital fan base was in total shock when Roger Howarth’s character, Franco Baldwin, was unexpectedly killed by Wes Ramsey’s, Peter August. Everyone knows Peter is crazy, but still, nobody saw Franco’s death coming.

General Hospital news reports quickly confirmed that Howarth‘s exit would be temporary. Immediately following the news that Howarth would be returning to GH, GH rumors began, surrounding the mystery of Roger’s new character’s identity.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal what it was like for Roger to return to the set of GH. In a recent interview with Soap Opera Digest, Howarth opened up about his feelings upon his return. He told SOD, “I was straight-up terrified, 100 percent. I love what I do and I was glad to get back to it — but there’s a certain amount of nervous energy that showed up.”

General Hospital spoilers reveal Howarth’s new character, Austin, is still a work in progress. He explains that he can’t make himself look much different physically, but must be different in other ways. He said, “I can’t change the way I look so much. So for this guy to be different, he has to speak differently and walk differently and to be honest, I’ve had mixed success and it’s taken me a bit — I’m still kind of figuring it out. [But] I hope the audience enjoys him, because there is some great story coming.”

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