General Hospital News And Spoilers: Sofia Mattsson’s Exit! GH Star Confirms Pregnancy, Is Sasha Gilmore Leaving?

Sasha Gilmore leaving GH Sasha Gilmore recast Sofia Mattsson

Is Sasha Gilmore leaving GH? Every now and then, a beloved character is recast. Sometimes, if we get lucky the recast is only temporary. Sadly, sometimes the actors choose different paths, and their roles are killed off without the possibility to return. Wait, who are we kidding? Everyone comes back from the dead on soap operas!

Thankfully, recent General Hospital casting news assures fans that a fan-favorite is sticking around. According to General Hospital news and spoilers, GH star Sofia Mattsson confirmed what (most) fans already knew. Sofia is pregnant. In a recent Instagram post, General Hospital spoilers reveal Mattsson spilled the tea in her caption. She shared a photo of herself while holding her belly. The Summer-like sunshine isn’t the only glow on Sofia’s face. The shared photo features her pregnancy glow.. Clearly, the actress is pregnant and took to social media to confirm the news.

News broke that Sofia was pregnant in real life, and that’s when fans began to wonder about her GH status. General Hospital spoilers rumors reports confirm that the actress is due in May. Reports speculate that Mattsson will utilize maternity leave at some point in the near future. Is Sasha Gilmore leaving GH? GH rumors hint that actress may be temporarily recast when her baby is due this coming May. We will keep fans updated on and GH news related to Sofia’s GH status.