General Hospital News and Spoilers: Sonya Eddy’s Family Battles For The Late Actress’s Daytime Emmy

Battle for Sonya Eddy’s Daytime Emmy
The battle for Sonya Eddy’s Daytime Emmy

There were bittersweet moments that took place during the 50th annual Daytime Emmy Awards. Loss plagued the community after several unexpected deaths hit close to home. Previously, GH news reports confirm that the Soap Opera’s long time actress Sonya Eddy died at the age of 55. The Emmy-winning actress played Epiphany Johnson, GH’s Head Nurse, for 16 years.

On December 15th, the Daytime Emmy Awards showcased talent across the Daytime television communities. That’s when Eddy was honored for her work on ABC’s General Hospital upon receiving a posthumous award for Best Supporting Actress In A Drama Series. According to GH news reports, a battle for Sonya Eddy’s Daytime Emmy award has made headlines.

Willow and Epiphany
Willow and Epiphany

Reportedly, Sonya’s friend and producing partner Tyler Ford accepted the award on her behalf. According to news outlet TMZ, Sonya’s brother Robbie Eddy spoke out regarding his sister’s posthumous Emmy win. He mentioned that the family wasn’t notified that she’d be receiving the honor. Now allegedly, Tyler Ford has denied Eddy’s family upon their request for the award.

Sonya Eddy’s Daytime Emmy
Epiphany and Elizabeth

GH news reports reveal that Sonya’s family has no plans to take legal action against the Award Academy or Tyler Ford at this time. Moreover, GH rumors claim that Sonya was estranged from some family members at the time of her death. Hopefully the issue is resolved and the drama subsides as Sonya is remembered.