General Hospital News and Spoilers: Steve Burton Puts Contract Rumors To Rest- Confirms Details Of His Latest GH Deal

Steve Burton confirms GH deal details
Steve Burton confirms GH deal details

March 4th, 2024 was a highly anticipated date for ABC’s General Hospital and the show’s fans. Steve Burton’s return to the 60 year old daytime drama was announced on January 4th during a prime time special. As a result, many questions flooded social media.

Naturally, fans took to various platforms to ask the basics. When, how, who Jason will love, and how long he’ll stay, among other burning questions, filled the minds of GH and Steve Burton fans. First, we were told when, (March 4th), then GH news confirmed that Burton was able to return upon a lifted vaccine mandate. That’s when fans began to speculate about his storyline, such as when Jason will hall in love with. Having him back has increased ratings as Jason’s story is just beginning.

Steve Burton Confirms GH Deal Details

Moreover, aside from the storyline, GH fans inquired about Steve’s GH status. Did he sign a contact? If so, for how long? General Hospital spoilers, and rumors tease that Steve Burton puts contract, rumors to rest. Recently, Burton and co-star and friend Bradford Anderson, discussed Steve’s GH status in their podcast. First, Steve seemingly mocked recently rumors that claimed he signed a 3 month contact, and Jason Morgan would die. Thankfully, those GH rumors turned out to be fake news.

GH and Steve Burton has Jason Morgan’s story to tell. So GH news reports confirm that Steve Burton signed a two year contract with General Hospital