General Hospital News And Spoilers: Sydney Mikayla’s Real Reason For Leaving, Reveals Last GH Air Date

Earlier this month, General Hospital Blog reported the upcoming exit of GH actress Sydney Mikayla.

General Hospital news reports confirmed the young star has decided to leave her role as Trina Robinson. She had previously explained that TPTB over at GH have been extremely supportive when it comes to working Aron d her new college life schedule. However, Sydney still felt she needed to make an important decision.

In a recent interview with Soaps In Depth, Mikayla revealed her last air date as Trina Robinson on General Hospital is set for Thursday, March 17th. As stated previously, it was a difficult decision for Mikayla.

General Hospital news reports reveal at the time of Sydney’s start at the daytime drama back in February of 2019, she was offered a contract role and make it clear that she was set on attending college in the near future. . “I was like, ‘Just so you know, I am planning to go to college. I 100% want to do this role [but] we have to be ready that when I go to college, I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to stay or go,’” Mikayla explained from the start. Obviously the show was supportive of Sydney’s focus on her schooling.

In her podcast interview with SID, Mikayla went into detail about her first semester’s experience at UCLA. She explained that she was enrolled in an accelerated course, being that her semester was shorter, with more packed into the shorter timeframe while juggling her workload over at General Hospital. Mikayla revealed her parents referred to this first college experience as the “tester quarter,” trying to see if juggling work and school was feasible.

General Hospital spoilers reveal although the daytime drama was supportive and flexible, Sydney desires to have the full college experience which would include needing extra time to join clubs such as campus theater, and simply being able to enjoy time spent with peers.

When reflecting on her decision to leave and her thoughts on the young woman replacing her in the role of Trina Robinson, she admitted, “I wish Tabyana the absolute best.” She continued, “She will have the time of her life, I’m sure. And I’m very excited to see the role continue. And I’m grateful to see that the work that I put in kind of planted a seed.”

General Hospital fans will miss Sydney in her role while wishing her the best in her college experience and future endeavors. What matters most is Sydney’s enthusiasm for her education.

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