General Hospital News And Spoilers: Leslie Charleson Steps Away, Monica Temporarily Recast

Some General Hospital fans firmly believe some iconic roles are better left to their long time portrayers.

In the soap world it isn’t uncommon for an actor to step away from a role for which they have become known and loved. The role of Monica Quartermaine was originated in 1976 and played by Patty McCormack. Leslie Charleson stepped into the role in 1977, becoming the most familiar face of Monica Quartermaine.

General Hospital news reports confirm the role of Monica Quartermaine has been temporarily recast. Prime time star Holly Kaplan has taken over the role of Monica for the March 15th episode of GH. Leslie Charleson is said to be returning to the canvas sooner rather than later.

Charles’s replacement, Holly Kaplan, is known for her roles in prime time on The Ghost Whisperer, Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper, The Mentalist, Better Call Saul, and more, including a recurring role on Days Of Our Lives, as a nurse.

Thankfully Kaplan could step in for the March 15th, filling in for Charleson. GH news reports indicate the recast was for one episode at this time.

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