General Hospital News And Spoilers: Tabyana Ali Explains How She Handles Haters; “I don’t know you, I don’t know who you are.”

How Tabyana Ali handles haters

How Tabyana Ali handles haters and online trolls. …General Hospital star Tabyana Ali plays the adored Trina Robinson. While Ali isn’t the first to portray Dr. Portia Robinson’s (Brook Kerr) daughter, she was called upon after Sydney Makayla left the role. Initially, Ali lost the role to Sydney while becoming a finalist. Still listed as a finalist for the role, TPTB at GH got in touch with the eager actress. It wasn’t too long before the 21 year old actress won over her fans as the “new” Trina Robinson.

There’s a simple yet valid saying, “you can’t please everyone.” Though it seems pretty basic and straightforward, this saying holds significant weight. It reminds us that no matter how we try, change (for others, not for growth), or put in work, there will always be those who won’t be happy with whatever it is you’re doing. It’s impossible to appeal to everyone’s tastes. Besides, people tend to form preconceived assumptions about other individuals with little to no basis behind their beliefs. “You can’t please everyone,” reminds us to stay true to ourselves. Don’t ever feel like you have to hide your true self to please some else or get them to like/respect you.

According to recent General Hospital news and spoilers, one GH star discusses online negativity, hateful comments, and how to cope. These comments come from displeased, so-called fans. Tabyana Ali recently spilled her secrets for how she copes when strangers try to bring her down. A recent video clip from AP Entertainment explains how Tabyana Ali handles haters who come out of the dusty cracks in their keyboard.

When dealing with hate and negative social media comments, one of GH’s talented twenty-somethings (she’s actually 21) reveals the thought process behind her cool and carefree outlook on personal criticism. In the video below, Tabyana explains how she’s been advised not to even read the comments due to potentially adverse effects on one’s emotional wellbeing.

Being in the public eye while under constant scrutiny and ridicule isn’t easy to swallow. Thankfully, Tabyana’s happy-go-lucky vibe doesn’t allow haters to get any satisfaction for their cruel and unnecessary comments. Although advised not to read online comments, Ali admits that she sees everything. But that doesn’t mean she takes it to heart. She said, “It does kinda just go over my head cuz I’m like, ‘I don’t know you. I don’t know who you are so it doesn’t really feel like anything. It feels like you’re just talking.”

We admire Tabyana’s talent, spirit, and her ability to ignore the negative around her. We’ll keep cheering her on as she stays positive. Tabyana’s gorgeous smile alone could ward off negativity!

Check out the clip below!

Video Credit: AP Entertainment