General Hospital News: Mom Of Twins Theo And Erik Explains COVID Restrictions, Baby Wiley Filmed From Own Crib

Theo and Erik Olson are the twin toddlers who play Wiley Corinthos on General Hospital. Wiley’s story line is front and center as we watch Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier) become even more unhinged after the custody verdict was announced.

General Hospital news informs fans that due to COVID-19 restrictions, babies and children are not allowed on set. The Olson twins play a key role in the current GH story line which makes it a little challenging for the cast and crew. However, technology can be a Godsend as it is being used to include baby Wiley in scenes. The twin’s mother took to Instagram to explain how they have gotten over this set rule obstacle. She explains that the boys are filmed from their own home with the direction of GH Executive Producer, Frank Valentini.

Erik and Theo’s mom goes on to thank Frank for gifting each of her son’s with their very own Mr. Hopsicle stuffed kangaroo.

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