General Hospital Spoiler: Sam Confronts Jake

Port Charles’ John Doe patient, “Jake” has been walking around the city and getting acquainted with people he was once very close with, as Jason Morgan (Billy Miller). Jake had no idea who he really was, and then one day, Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) strolls along and decided to clue him in on her diabolical plan to control his mind. At that moment, Jake learns that he is Jason Morgan and that he and Liz Webber (Rebecca Herbst) share a son that has passed away, and that he is currently married to Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco), and has a son, Danny (Corbin and Caden Rothwither). The catch was though, that now Jason doesn’t remember Helena said that at all because of her extreme mind conditioning.

Helena is using Jason’s impeccable skills as a body guard/hit-man to her advantage. She has him controlled, that when she gives him a job to do, he goes out to perform her request, and when he is done, he cannot remember that he engaged in those events. His first task was to distract the PCPD so that she could help Cesar Faison escape from police custody. In order to do that, Jake had to grab Sam and hold her hostage so that Anna, Dante, and Nathan were more focused on saving Sam, than what was going on in the background with Faison. Helena’s plan was successful and Faison was able to go free.

However, Jake may not be so lucky. Sam is a private investigator and has great instincts. In her quest to find the man that helped Faison go free, she realized that the voice of the man was a perfect match to Jake. He also said the exact same thing to her in casual conversation as he did when he was under Helena’s control. He said, “it’s not like I haven’t got all day.” Those words in combination with the sound of his voice rings clear to Sam, but of course, no one really believes her. Especially Elizabeth. Sam approached Liz with her theory and Liz basically told Sam to get lost.

General Hospital previews show that Sam confronts Jason aka Jake regarding the hostage situation. Will she get anywhere with him? Since he doesn’t remember doing it, and he has no idea he is really capable of pulling it off, he will most likely wonder why in the world Sam would accuse him of such a thing. Or perhaps it will jog his memory a bit causing him to have brief flashbacks. How do you think Jason will react to Sam’s accusation?