General Hospital Spoilers: A Family Affair; Dex Plays Sonny AND Michael

Dex Sonny’s son

The joke is on Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) and Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). Dex plays Sonny and Michael in a shocking new twist.

General Hospital spoilers suggest Michael thinks Dex is all in on his plan to take down his father. While Dex has proven to Michael he understands the mission, what Michael doesn’t know is that Dex has a mission of his own.

Dex’s loyalty to Michael seems to come out of left field. However, his display of concern for Sonny seems genuine. Is it possible that Dex is torn between wanting revenge on both Sonny and Michael while also feeling a connection?

General Hospital rumors claim Dex is playing both sides as he has an agenda of his own. GH rumors speculate Dex has a personal vendetta against Sonny; and Michael too! Michael just might get exactly what he’s wished for. He told Dex to gain Sonny’s trust by filling a void in his life. A lost son was what Michael advised him to become in order for Sonny to open up. What if it turns out Dex is exactly what Michael wants him to be?

Is Sonny Dex’s father?

General Hospital spoilers suggest Dex plays Sonny and Michael because he feels he was cheated in life.

If Sonny truly is Dex’s son, it’s possible Dex has come back for the family he never had. His vendetta against Michael comes from feeling like Michael received the father Dex didn’t had, although, Michael isn’t even Sonny’s biological son.

At the end of the day, family is family. When it comes to loyalty, is blood thicker than water? So many possibilities could arise if Dex turns out to be Sonny’s son. Michael wants nothing to do with Sonny, as Dex could be longing for the father he never had. Will he have a change of heart and choose to give Sonny a chance at fatherhood?