General Hospital Spoilers: Blaze’s True Identity Revealed As Daughter Of One of Sonny’s Biggest Enemies

Blaze’s true identity revealed Jacqueline Grace Lopez Alison Rogers
Blaze’s true identity revealed

This newcomer has quite the bloodline! Did you all notice how Blaze and Kristina made a point to mention the singer’s family background? Specifically that the pop star has zero ties to Port Charles? Automatically I find that suspicious. Aside from Kristina, Blaze’s only PC connections are her newly developed friendships and business relationships with Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) and Detective Chase (Josh Swickard).

Like many other pop stars and other celebrities, Kristina’s new friend uses a stage name. We don’t know much of her backstory or family life, but little by little Blaze gets know more people around Port Charles. In turn, more people learn a little more about the famous artist. What we do know is that she goes by the name of Blaze when on stage. But before the world knew her as the one-word, bold statement piece, she was given the name Alison Rogers.

According to the latest General Hospital spoilers, Blaze contemplates Maxie and Lucy’s offer to become the new Face of Deception. Meanwhile, Tracy Quartermaine already pumped the brakes on that. Doesn’t it seem odd that Tracy would auddebtly care so much about having a heart? Especially for someone she barely knows. Tracy isn’t obligated to Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattson) but she has a strong opinion about the young woman and her status with the cosmetic company. Surely it’s natural and normal to care about someone’s best interest even when business is at stake, but not for Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot). GH rumors claim that Blaze could be one of two stage names.

Despite her Hispanic heritage, Blaze’s name doesn’t have too much of a cultural ring to it. Alison Rogers doesn’t exactly scream, “I’m Hispanic.” Instead, it seems like another fake persona. While this doesn’t necessarily mean anything since people are free to legally change their name to almost anything they want. However, it does raise suspicions.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Tracy was adamant that Blaze doesn’t become the new Face of Deception for a reasons having nothing to do with Sasha. Reportedly, GH rumors about Blaze’s identity dance around Tracy Quartermaine. As it turns out, the more GH fans dive into the possibilities, the more it looks like Tracy has a personal vendetta against the pop star. Why? Well, because Tracy is just being Tracy. To clarify, GH rumors claim that Tracy knows exactly who Blaze is and wants her nowhere near any more Quartermaine money.

Again, we ask why? Well because it’s very rare that a Port Charles newcomer is actually a lone addition. Most times their family tree reveals itself over time. That’s why fans believe that Blaze has strong connections in PC. The name Alison Rogers doesn’t really fit for a proud Hispanic woman. Instead, it sounds like a cover story. That said, GH spoilers and rumors tease that Alison is actually Lila Rae, Skye Quartermaine’s daughter! Remember Skye? She’s the Quartermaine who really isn’t a Quartermaine. According to GH history, Skye scammed the family but was still accepted as one of their own even after the truth was revealed. Obviously this didn’t sit well worth Tracy. And since she’s out to settle decades old scores, why not stuck it to Blaze, the illegitimate Quartermaine heir?

If you think this revelation is big, wait until you heard what gh rumors claim about Blaze’s paternal side. If you didn’t watch GH firing this time then you might not know that Skye and Lorenzo Alcazar had a daughter, Lila Rae. Now, the GH rumor mill buzzes over Blaze. Is she Skye and Lorenzo’s daughter?

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