General Hospital Spoilers: Cody Struggles With A Decision, Will Self Preservation Come Before The Truth?

Cody comes clean to Sasha Cody Sasha Selina Gladys Cody tells Sasha about Gladys and Selina

Cody comes clean to Sasha? If Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) ever wants a real shot at something more than friendship with Sasha Gilmore, he had better not fall into the same bad habits. In the past, lying came so easily to Cody. Now that he’s contemplating how to handle the current situation with Sasha, Gladys, and Selina, perhaps he’s ready to tell the truth. But will he rise to the challenge and choose honesty over self preservation?

If any situation is an opportunity for Cody to do the unexpected and tell the truth it would be this predicament with Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson), Gladys Corbin (Bonnie Burroughs), and Selina Wu (Lydia Look). Due to the fact that this isn’t his lie, it should be easier for Cody to come forward with the truth. But is it his truth to tell?

Cody Comes Clean?!

Although this isn’t his secret, GH rumors predict Cody’s personal gain in all of this is reason enough for him to keep quiet. He continues to bank on Sasha’s suffering due to his business entanglements with Ms. Wu. With Selina running things, it may not be the safest idea to rat out Selina and Gladys’s business dealings. She’s proven herself as a cut-throat business woman who stops at nothing to get what’s hers. And when someone makes a deal, they better give Ms. Wu what’s rightfully hers if the situation arises.

As General Hospital recaps recall, Cody’s con artist ways got in the way of a true connection. Lying to Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) right out the gate ruined any chance to develop a romantic relationship with Britt. Lies and more lies. Moreover, Cody’s greed lead him to lie to his biological father. Mac Scorpio (John J. York) has no idea he has a son. Let alone the fact that his son is a man who recently disclosed that Mac is NOT his father. What Mac doesn’t know is that Cody lied to Mac and everyone else to fit his agenda. It was more convenient to be Leopold Taub’s son. As he chased the Ice Princess, Cody believed his financial troubles would melt away.

Is Cody’s Conscience Stronger Than His Greed?

Now that things didn’t go according to plan, the guilt surrounding his decision to lie to Mac is starting to set in. But perhaps he can pacify his conscience by coming clean with someone else’s secret. According to General Hospital spoilers, Cody contemplates whether or not he should tell Sasha the truth about what’s going on between Gladys and Selina. As noted above, Selina is cut-throat. If Cody starts putting his nose where it doesn’t belong when it comes to Selina’s business dealings, it could mean major trouble for the Bensonhurst bro. Furthermore, Gladys’s gambling situation puts money right into Cody’s pockets. He’s always been hard up for cash. Will Cody let greed guide him into another mistake?