General Hospital Spoilers: Dev’s Connection To Port Charles Revealed; Will Brenda Barrett Return To Reunite With Someone?

Mother and Son?

Dev Cerci’s (Ashton Arbab) true background has remained a mystery since moving to Port Charles. Although the ever trusting, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard), thinks nothing of Dev’s intentions, his right hand man, and very intuitive, Jason Morgan (Steve Burton), thinks there may be more than meets the eye.
Genera Hospital rumors have claimed Dev to be the son of Brenda Barrett (Vanessa Marcil), Sonny’s ex, and Alec Janacek Jr. (Antonie Knoppers). Alec was son of The Balkan, whom is now deceased, but was an enemy of Sonny. Both men have died at the hand of someone connected to Sonny. Dev Cerci kept bringing up that he was from Turkey and how important his traditions were to be carried on. He and Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) had a tender moment when discussing Dev’s heritage and traditions. Genera Hospital rumors hint that the geographic connection of Dev’s background makes perfect sense when claiming Dev is the Grandson of The Balkan.
Genera Hospital news and spoilers pointed out Maurice Benard’s take on having Vanessa Marcil return to the role of Brenda Barrett. In a recent article by GH Blog, it was revealed that Maurice thinks bringing Vanessa back is a “no brained.” That being said, as Dev’s character develops, and we learn more about his past, General Hospital rumors hint that Brenda will return to reunite with her son- Dev.

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