General Hospital Spoilers: Drew’s Court Victory, Has a Change of Heart; Tamara Braun’s Exit

Halloween and November Sweeps are right around the corner. Big things have been happening over the course of time, residents of PC have told and kept secret, have been in hiding, and General Hospital spoilers reveal the next month will bring a lot of the story lines to a close.

Before a story can come to an end, something dramatic has to happen. The Drew/Franco story has been going on for longer than most of us care to even think about. This story finally led to a trial, involving Kim (Tamara Braun) fighting to keep Franco (Roger Howarth) with Drew’s (Billy Miller) memories to live Drew’s life. Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) is fighting to get back her husband and be a family again with Franco and the boys.

General Hospital spoilers look as though this story will turn into an unexpected direction. Apparently, “Drew” will win, and will be allowed to remain with having Drew’s memories. However, it has been reported in General Hospital spoilers that despite the ruling that Franco can remain living as Drew, Franco himself begins to have mixed memory flashbacks and ends up wanting to become Franco again.

If Franco changes his mind and Kim loses all that she has left of Drew, what does that mean for her character? General Hospital comings and goings reports have already stated Tamara Braun’s confirmed GH exit. If Franco leaves Drew behind, that will set up the perfect scenario for Kim to leave Port Charles. She will have nothing left in town after losing her son, Oscar, and now finally, all she had of Drew.

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