General Hospital Spoilers: Easton Rockets Gives A Behind The Scenes Look With Jophielle Love

GH’s Leo and Violet behind the scenes Easton Rocket Sweda Jophielle Love
GH’s Leo and Violet behind the scenes Easton Rocket Sweda Jophielle Love

Easton Rocket Sweda is General Hospital’s 12 year old charmer as Leo Quartermaine. A Jerome and Falconeri by nature, Leo is a Quartermaine because of his adoptive father, Ned Quartermaine (Wally Kurth).

General Hospital recaps highlight the fact that Leo’s mom, Olivia, and the late Julian Jerome got together and had Leo. Then, after his passing her new husband Ned adopted her’s and Julian’s son. I guess you can say it could have been one of those, “over my dead body” scenarios. Because there’s no way that Julian would allow a mother man to adopt his son while he was still alive. As a result of Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) and Ned’s marriage, Leo is now and will forever be a Quartermaine. Well, that is until one day if Olivia and Ned split, and then Tracy turns on Leo and bans him from any ELQ shares that he once deserved.

Then there is Violet Finn (Jophielle Love). The 9 year old actress is Dr. Hamilton Finn and Hayden Barnes’s (Rebecca Herbst) daughter. GH recaps remind us that Nikolas Cassadine had a hand in Hayden’s departure. So, will she ever return? Right now Violet has gotten cozy with her Aunt Elizabeth who is not only Hayden’s sister, but she’s her dad’s love interest. Somehow, everyone is okay with Finn being with his ex’s sister. But hey, it’s Port Charles. As long as Violet is happy…

According to General Hospital spoilers, Violet gets more time being a kid. She starts to hang out with children around her own age, starting with Leo Quartermaine. General Hospital news and spoilers reveal a look at GH’s Leo and Violet behind the scenes at work. Apparently, Easton’s time spent with Love was something special as it seems they’d love to keep working together. GH’s Sweda shared the experience on social media, and we love their behind the scenes fun! Take a look at Jophielle and Easton building creations with Magnatiles! Those are so much fun!