General Hospital Spoilers: Elizabeth Confronts Jake and Demands An Explanation!

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Elizabeth took care of him, nursing him back to health. She took him into her home when he had nowhere else to go. Liz trusted him around herself and her boys, defended him to his accusers, and now she feels completely betrayed. After finding out the truth, that Sam was right all along and Jake was definitely the one to grab Sam at gunpoint, she is furious. Liz doesn’t like being made a fool of, and adding the whole bomb on The Haunted Star to the mix just topped off how she is feeling about Jake (Jason) at this point.

This week on General Hospital, GH spoilers reveal that Liz visits Jake in jail, and confronts him about what he has done, and lets him have it, holding nothing back. Elizabeth becomes very emotional in her delivery, making it known to Jake that he has hurt her deeply.

GH spoilers also reveal that Jake will be having more of his memories returning. How close will he get to figuring out he is Jason Morgan? When Liz finds out the truth, how can she be remain angry? Odds are… she won’t!