General Hospital Spoilers: Esme Knows Exactly What She’s Doing, Will Spencer Fall For It?!

Esme wants Spencer Trina Spencer Esme Ace

Esme Prince knows exactly what she’s doing, and she knows precisely what she wants. Trina better watch out because Esme wants Spencer!

It’s no surprise that Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) would end up deceiving those around her yet again. Since her amnesia, GH fans and the people of Port Charles had suspicions about the new and improved Esme. While some fans trust Esme has changed, others are skeptical. Reportedly, many GH fans believe that she’d end up deceiving others in some way. As it turns out, Esme deceives Spencer once again.

General Hospital recaps recall Spencer and Trina spending time with Ace (Jay and Joey Clay) at the Metro Court pool. Esme’s thoughts were written all over her face as she peered over at Trina smiling and laughing with Spencer and Ace. According to the latest GH spoilers and rumors, Esme plants herself right in Spencer’s vision- and she definitely does it on purpose. Esme wants Spencer, and she’ll do what it takes to take him from Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali).

Will Spencer fall for it? Esme has deceived Spencer in the past… if she can tell small lies to come between him and Trina, what else could she be hiding?