General Hospital Spoilers: Nina Stages Her Own Kidnapping

Nina stages her own kidnapping Sonny Carly Nina Ava

Of all the outlandish things that this whack-a-doodle has done, Nina outdoes herself this time. It seems as though she’s jealous of anyone who means something to Sonny. And that’s why Nina stages her own kidnapping!

General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease that the Pikeman deal opens the door for a flood of problems for the people of Port Charles. For starters, anyone who means anything to Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) is at risk. Especially, Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) and their children. Additionally, Sonny’s fiancé Nina falls in the realm of danger as well. People are at risk, and Sonny feels the weight of protecting them on his shoulders.

Nina Stages Her Own Kidnapping?!

The last thing Sonny needs is a distraction. Currently, he and his fiancé are at odds over his secrecy. Reality hit when Sonny has his guards tell Nina that she wasn’t allowed in Sonny’s Penthouse. In that moment, she suddenly realized that she didn’t live up to her predecessors. Carly, Ava, and even Olivia, but especially Carly, were trusted with knowing much more than Nina knows now. In fact, Carly and Ava still have some involvement with Sonny and his business. Much more than Nina ever will.

GH rumors tease that Nina’s starved for Sonny’s attention. After feeling like she was cast aside, Nina needs to get Sonny to notice her. She knows Ava and Sonny know something she doesn’t. Moreover, Nina realizes that Carly’s the most at risk because of her past with Sonny and the mob. That being said, Nina most likely wants to one-up Carly. Desperate for attention, Nina shifts Sonny’s focus.