General Hospital Spoilers: Esmé Runs From Her Dark Past : She’ll Do Anything To Hide Her Secret

Esme’s dark past

Esme’s dark past comes to haunt her!?
…Is this really the new and improved Esme Prince? Maybe yes, maybe no. Prior to amnesia, the new mom had a troubled past. Recently, Esme learned who her biological mother is. Her late father, Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom), was a dangerous sociopath. And her mother, Heather Webber (Alley Mills), well, she has built up quite the reputation over the years. With parents like that, Esme didn’t stand a chance.

General Hospital recaps: Despite her childhood, the crimes she committed, and the people she harmed, Esme’s future has potential. She’s done a total 180° since her hospitalization and the birth of her son Ace. Ironically, Motherhood and amnesia seem to have changed her. But is Esme really a new version of herself?

General Hospital spoilers and rumors hint that Esme panics when Alexis wants to publish a story. Something tells us her slate isn’t as clean as she wants Port Charles to believe. In fact, it’s possible that she needs everyone to believe she’s a different person because her past is too dark and to face.

According to GH rumors, Esme’s dark past comes to haunt her. Her childhood wasn’t filled with family game nights and shopping trips with her mom. Instead, her adoptive parents betrayed each other and then died. Moreover, recent suspicions arise around the death of Esme’s parents. It almost seems more than coincidental that they both died shortly after she found out about their secrets.

Is it possible that Esme killed her biological parents and has done everything to outrun her past?

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