General Hospital Spoilers: Gladys Holds Sasha’s Reputation In Her Hands

Sasha was being threatening that her dark secret would be splashed all over the media. Thankfully, Gladys stepped in and stole the memory card.

General Hospital spoilers reveal, now that Gladys has Sasha’s secret, she holds the power of Sasha’s reputation in her hands. Gladys didn’t get her nickname, “Greedy Gladys” for nothing. She’s always looking out for what can benefit herself. She’s in it for personal gain, even throwing family under the bus to get ahead.

General Hospital previews suggest that Gladys still has a selfish mentality but this time she’s not just worried about herself, but about “us.”

General Hospital rumors suggest that Gladys will assess the pros and cons of keeping and or revealing what’s in that memory card. But does she still have it in her to exploit family for personal gain?

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