General Hospital Spoilers: Gregory Warms Up To Tracy After Putting Her In Her Place

Gregory and Tracy make nice

When thinking of warm and fuzzy, Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) isn’t the name that pops to mind as the human representation. In naturally warm hearted peoples, warm and fuzzy feelings generally exude from the particular individual. Let’s just say that when anyone brushes by Tracy, they probably aren’t feeling a welcoming aura.

Is it even possible for someone to really warm up to Granny Q. and visa versa? I mean, technically, yes. It’s apparent that Tracy genuinely cares for her family members. But that doesn’t mean she won’t sell them out, turn them in, or cut them loose for her own benefit. Evidently, when bumping into Tracy Quartermaine, odds are you’ll suffer some bumps and bruises. That woman isn’t a soft landing. That being said, who could be tough enough for Granny Q?!

According to General Hospital spoilers and previews, Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison) and Tracy have another run-in. While GH spoilers and previews make it look like these two share their typical vibe, recent GH rumors tease things are different this time.

Don’t get too excited. Tracy and Gregory haven’t said any vows or picked out his and hers hand towels. However, GH spoilers suggest that Gregory and Tracy make nice. According to GH recaps, Papa Chase found out about Tracy’s involvement in Chase’s (Josh Swickard) reinstatement with the PCPD. Ada result, Gregory makes it a point to confront Tracy about what she’s done. At first, they go about their usually dynamic. GH previews show that Gregory tells Tracy to shut up before thanking her. Don’t miss a moment of the Port Charles drama, Monday-Friday at 2PM Eastern!