General Hospital Spoilers: It’s Time For Lulu To Wake Up, Emme Rylan Returns?

Lulu Spencer returns Emme Rylan Lulu wakes up what happened to Lulu

Lulu Spencer returns?! Lulu Spencer Falconeri’s tragedy has to be one of the most senseless storylines. So far, nothing has done of Lulu’s absence. Emme Rylan’s sudden GH exit caused hysteria among fans. The news came out if left field, even to the actress.

GH news reports confirm that Emme Rylan left General Hospital when her character, Lulu Spencer Falconeri was written out of the script. She left the show in December of 2020. Ever since, fans remain persistent in requesting her return. The actress has expressed on several occasions that she did not choose to leave. Previously, Rylan took to Instagram to address a GH return. You can read her statement HERE.

Recently, GH spoilers reveal that Lulu was name dropped in a pretty big way. The entire scene was devoted to Lulu’s recovery as her ex-husband and daughter kept hope alive. General Hospital recaps recall Friday’s July 27th episode. In the scenes with Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez ) and Dante (Dominic Zamprogna), they sat by Lulu’s bedside, reminiscing and daydreaming. Charlotte made it clear that she misses her mother and wants her home. As expected, Dante agreed. So, what if Lulu wakes up? Where will that leave Dante and Sam (Kelly Monaco)?

Lulu became victim of a bombing that was perpetrated by her Uncle Cyrus (Jeff Kober), and ended up in a coma. Interestingly, since Lulu’s tragic accident and Rylan’s exit, nothing has come of that storyline. Until now, keeping Lulu alive but off-canvas served no purpose. However, GH rumors hint that when Lulu finally awakens (and she’ll definitely awaken at some point), Dante and Sam’s relationship face its biggest challenge.

GH news has yet to confirm or deny news on Emme’s status. We will keep fans updated on the latest developments!