General Hospital Spoilers: Jake Revealed as Jason Morgan at Nurses Ball, and Much More!

In the daytime drama world it is time for May Sweeps, and for General Hospital, that also means it’s time for the annual Nurses Ball. There isn’t a Nurses Ball that goes by that isn’t filled with extreme hilarity, talented singing and dancing from the GH cast, and of course teeth clenching drama.

This year the Nurses Ball will air on Friday, May 1st and go through the beginning of the week of May 4th. GH Blog has previously reported that General Hospital spoilers reveal that Ian Buchanan will be leaving his role on GH as Duke Lavery. Many GH rumors out there have been circulating, claiming that Duke will die in the Jerome/Corinthos mob war that takes place along side the Nurses Ball.

The moment we all have been waiting for is just a few episodes away. Recent General Hospital spoilers revealed in an ABC press release that the BIG Jason Morgan discovery will take place during the Nurses Ball! It will be filled with intense emotion and undoubtedly, MAJOR complication.

If that wasn’t big enough for the 2015 Nurses Ball drama, it has been rumored that Patrick proposes to Sam at the Nurses Ball, and shortly after the proposal, Jake Doe is revealed to be the one and only, husband of Sam Morgan, Jason Morgan!

The wait is finally over, well almost. It seems as though the residents of Port Charles, and most importantly, Sam, will soon know Jake’s true identity. However, we are still a ways away from a Jason and Sam reunion. It won’t be all rainbows and butterflies right now the bat. If the GH rumor is true, and Patrick does propose to Sam just before she discovers her husband is alive, this will obviously be a huge hurtle that JaSam will have to over come.

GH fans have hung in there for quite some time, and with each episode, it is getting closer and closer to the Nurses Ball and the Jason Morgan reveal that everyone has been anticipating. Keep watching General Hospital to stay on top of all the drama and romance of the people of Port Charles.

Marie is an avid General Hospital fan. Her passion for writing and the compelling nature of the storylines is a perfect equation for writing a GH blog. Micki has a Bachelor of Science degree from Oakland University and spends time writing poetry and song lyrics.