General Hospital Spoilers: Laura Becomes Ace’s Legal Guardian, Will She Step Down As Mayor?

Laura becomes Ace’s legal guardian

Laura becomes Ace’s legal guardian!? As they say, babies will change your life. It’s no secret that welcoming a baby into the home requires a lifelong commitment. Essentially, raising a baby into adulthood is the toughest job around.

General Hospital spoilers tease that the well-being of Esme’s baby is judged by self-serving adults who are out to settle a score. Ace’s mother brought him into the world with no recollection of who she was. Moreover, Esme doesn’t even remember her baby’s father. Apparently, a jump into ice cold water while pregnant will do that. After saving herself from imprisonment by her alleged baby’s father, Esme became a completely different person. But, just because her traumatic experiences erased her memory, they don’t erase her last crimes.

With Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma/Adam Huss) missing, Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) thought he had his custody motion in the bag. As baby Ace’s big half brother, Spencer figured he’d be granted custody over Ace’s unfit/absent parents. However, Esme wants nothing to do with her ex-boyfriend raising her child. Her hands are ties as she awaits judgement day. Legally, it looks like Esme is able to bring baby Ace to Spring Ridge upon her time of sentencing. But, incarceration isn’t really an a life event a baby should experience.

Laura Becomes Ace’s Legal Guardian

General Hospital spoilers reveal that with that in mind, Esme displays impressive parenting. The new mother is willing to do what’s best for her baby. Therefore, Esme asks Laura to become Ace’s legal guardian while she serves her sentence in Pentonville.

Laura faces a big decision. Is she willing to juggle parenting all over again as well as her obligations as Mayor?