General Hospital Spoilers: Lucy and Felicia Can’t Fool Jackson Montgomery

Lucy and Felicia can’t fool Jackson

Lucy and Felicia can’t fool Jackson! Just like old times, Felicia Jones (Kristina Wagner) and Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) ventured off to a their most recent caper. Lucy needs a favor from her highly skilled friend. And what better reason to put good skills to use than for a friend? Clearly, Felicia can see that Lucy is desperate for answers.

General Hospital Recaps: So, like any good friend, Felicia comes to Lucy’s rescue. They embark on this adventure to dig into what Martin Grey (Michael E. Knight) is hiding. Although the passion is still in it, are these two still as good at this as they remember?

GH spoilers hint that Lucy walks into her own trap when she plans to share a quaint dinner with the Pine Valley Attorney. The plan is to distract him so that Felicia has time to do what she does best. But, according to General Hospital rumors and spoilers, Lucy and Felicia can’t fool Jackson Montgomery. He’s done his homework and knows exactly who Lucy is and what she’s doing. As far as Mr. Montgomery is concerned, his relations with Lucy are over.

Previously, GH news reports d confirmed that Walt Willey makes his GH exit after July 18th. Don’t worry, he won’t leave before busting Lucy’s scheme!