General Hospital Spoilers: The Luke Spencer Mystery Finally Solved

The mystery of Fluke/Luke Spencer has been one hell of a roller coaster for a longer period of time than fans ever expected. For over an entire year fans have been left in the dark to try and unravel the mystery behind fake Luke Spencer. Was he an impostor? Was it plastic surgery, a mask? Was it all in his mind, brainwashing from his arch enemy Helena Cassadine?

Tracy, Lulu, Bobbie, and all of Luke’s loved ones and friends couldn’t wrap their heads around is peculiar behavior over the past year. He has been sneaky to say that least, and down right dangerous. He has hurt those who love him the most, and who he loves dearly. Nothing was adding up, especially in the most recent explanation that Luke was just being himself, no regrets. The thought of Luke trying to kill his own cupcake, Lulu, and his love, Tracy Quartermaine, rattled many cages. Fans were upset because the legendary Luke Spencer they had known for decades was now gone. The characters of GH who surround Luke are feeling the exact same way. He has become a stranger to his family and friends, and his own sister Bobbie is ready to throw in the towel.

With the help of Helena’s explanation to Nikolas and Lulu, and Bobbie getting through to Luke, the mystery has finally been solved. Fake Luke isn’t another person, he isn’t wearing a mask, he hasn’t been brainwashed, and he didn’t just change his mind and turn against the ones he loves. The way Luke “snapped out of it” when Bobbie was preaching to him gave the impression that Luke hasn’t been aware of how he has been behaving because of split personalities.

The concept of DID on soaps is not a new one, the most famous DID story in soap history is from One Life to Live, involving Victoria Lord and her alter egos. More recently, General Hospital used DID in the story with Connie Falconeri/Kate Howard.

It looks like this is where the writers are going with this ongoing Luke Spencer mystery. The mystery has finally been solved. Luke has DID due to traumatic events he experienced growing up in the old Spencer home. General Hospital spoilers reveal that those times are about to resurface, and Luke will have to face what he went through yet again. Will going down memeory line hurt or help his state of mind?

How do you feel about this DID story involving Luke Spencer? Are you happy this story has finally been solved?