General Hospital Rumors: Sonny Didn’t Kill AJ…

In the midst of all the mayhem and revelations coming to light in Port Charles, there may just be more truths that are about to be disclosed. For a long time now,General Hospital rumors have been circulating social media sites, claiming that Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) did not kill AJ Quartermaine (Sean Kanan).

Does this mean that AJ is alive? Although that is one rumor floating around, it’s highly unlikely. It’s unlikely because actor Sean Kanan has since joined another soap, on another network. What it COULD mean though is that when Sonny shot AJ, it wasn’t his bullet that killed Michael’s father.

Sonny and Michael’s relationship is so far gone after Sonny killed AJ that it looks as though there is no sign of reconciliation. Even after Sonny risked his life, busted out of Pentonville, and saved Michael (Chad Duell) and the rest of the people on The Haunted Star, Michael still won’t see passed what he did to AJ. However, if it were to come out that AJ did not die by the hands of Sonny, would Michael be able to forgive Sonny? The GH rumor is that Fluke actually is the one who finished the job. Since he wants his hands all over ELQ, getting rid of AJ would get him one step closer to having control.

Even though Sonny was pardoned, he still lives with the guilt of hurting Michael by what he had done, and Michael still knows that Sonny killed his father and lied to him about it. But if it were to come out that someone else caused AJ’s death, perhaps Sonny and Michael would be able to reconcile.