General Hospital Spoilers: Luke’s Memorial Will Be An Event You Don’t Want To Miss

When General Hospital spoilers revealed the latest GH comings and goings reports fans were happy to learn that Jane Elliot would be stepping out of retirement to make another appearance on General Hospital. What GH didn’t expect was Tracy Quartermaine’s news.

General Hospital news reports confirm an upcoming episode of General Hospital, focusing on Luke Spencer. General Hospital spoilers reveal Luke’s memorial will take place on Friday, January 21st, in a special episode honoring the legendary character.

General Hospital rumors claim the age-old rule in soaps applies in this storyline… there is always a chance of a return when there isn’t a body. Like the current situation with Luke, fans want to believe that he isn’t dead. Since there has been no proof, GH fans are reluctant to accept that the iconic role and life of Luke Spencer has been cut short.

Anthony Geary was introduced to the soap opera in 1978. His popularity spread like whole fire. Fast forward over four decades later and it’s safe to say Geary’s portrayal of Luke left fans wanting more. Anthony would go in to work alongside Genie Francis as Laura Wright, and Kin Shriner as Scotty Baldwin. General Hospital news reports confirmed Shriner’s recent exit from GH, perhaps Geary has followed suit.

Fans hold our hope that General Hospital spoilers and rumors regarding a surprise guest at Luke’s memorial will actually be Luke himself!

What do you think? Are we really saying goodbye to Lucas Lorenzo Spencer?

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