General Hospital Spoilers: Nina is Playing Valentin

It would be an understatement to say that Jax was disappointed when he heard straight from Nina’s mouth, that she and Valentin were back together. Despite everything Nina went through on her wedding day, humiliation, betrayal, she is now back together with the one who is behind all her pain. At first she refused to believe Valentin had anything to do with the scam regarding Sasha being her biological daughter. Now it looks as though Nina may be smarter than the character wants the fans to believe at first glimpse.

On Monday’s episode of General Hospital (10/21), Jax, Nina, and Valentin had quite the exchange. Nina says out loud that she believes Sasha was also lying to Valentin with the help of a friend. Jax outtight opposes and Nina shuts Jax down and says it’s none of his business, then leaved the two men alone while she works

When Nina returns, Valentin asks is she is ready to go, and she tells him she will be a bit behind. During that exchange, the dialogue seemed very scripted, even for an actual script. The look on Jax’s face after Nina tellls Valentin she will catch up with him after she runs a few things by Jax is priceless. Either Jax is simply pleased Nina didn’t just run off and leave with Valenin, or he and Nina are in on playing Valentin. I don’t know how far Nina will get in trying to pull the wool over Valentin (if that’s what she’s even doing). Valentin didn’t look too pleased when Nina wasn’t ready to leave with him. It almost looked like he could sense she was up to something.

General Hospital spoilers have hinted a “sneaky revenge” from Nina. What exactly does she have in the works?

Check out the scene below

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