General Hospital Spoilers: Nina Struggles With Accepting Sonny For Who He Is

The honeymoon phase is over, kids. We could spot this coming from miles away. Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) fell in love with “Mike,” an alter ego of married monster, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). What she really didn’t take into account was that “Mike” is only a small part of who Sonny really is.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Nina and Sonny are headed for a slap with the reality stick when Nina realizes that Sonny Corinthos is much different than the man she fell for back in Nixon Falls. The man she convinced herself that she loved so much that it was worth lying to him and keeping him away from his wife Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) and their children.

Now that Sonny has had time to settle and get back into the swing of his old life, even amidst the drama, he has been more true to his character than the man back pouring shots at The Tan-O. Nina has manipulated her way into Sonny’s heart (and bed) despite the fact that he was still married to her enemy, Carly.

GH previews indicate that Nina’s selfish efforts may have all been for nothing if she can’t accept all of Sonny. In the most recent General Hospital previews, Sonny wonders why Nina can’t understand, and she admits that Mike is the man she knows, not Sonny.

General Hospital rumors suggest that Nina struggles with getting to know this darker side, and they go back and forth trying to find their fit. It’s possible that what happened in Nixon Falls should have stayed in Nixon Falls, and was never meant to continue once Sonny returned to Port Charles.

Carly has always accepted Sonny for who he is, all of him, because she is his true love and soulmate. Sonny’s feelings for Nina seem to be a symptom of a higher problem- Nina herself. She forced herself into his world and clung on like a child to her mother’s leg.

General Hospital news and rumors hint that Sonny and Nina romance will run it’s course, eventually fizzling out when Nina can’t handle all sides of the man she so-called loves. Things will become clearer for Sonny, and eventually he and Carly will make their way back to one another.

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