General Hospital Spoilers: Someone Proposes During The Nurses Ball

General Hospital’s annual Nurses Ball event is set to take place this Friday, May 1st and go through Monday, May 4th to Tuesday, May 5th. Many General Hospital spoilers along with buzzing roomers have been floating around social media in regard to what is going to go down at this year’s Nurses Ball.

From entertaining stage performances which will include Magic Milo, to Patrick and Emma, and more, to someone getting killed, identities being outed, and secrets being revealed… and we can’t forget another marriage proposal! Remember GH’s 50th Anniversary and Nurses Ball episode in 2013 when Felicia Jones was proposed to by Frisco? Well, General Hospital spoilers have leaked that another man will make the brave move during the 2015 Nurses Ball. GH rumors have speculated that the doting doctor, Dr. Patrick Drake will propose to a very important woman in his life, a friendship that grew into something much more, Sam Morgan. Patrick and Sam just might be headed down the road to wedded bliss as Jake finds out he is actually Jason Morgan, stands by and let’s his wife be happy with another man.

GH Blog wants to know how you think this will all play out? Will Jake figure out he is Jason in time to stop Sam from marrying Patrick? Or will Jason do what Jason does and take the noble road and keep quiet because he sees how happy Sam is with Patrick? There are so many possibilities… let us know what you think by leaving a comment in the comments section below.



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