General Hospital Spoilers: Spencer Sees Esme Differently When He Finds Out The Truth About Ace

Spencer learns Ace is his

Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) is trying her hardest to be all that she can be after her brain injury. Amnesia gave the boarding school brat/con-artist a clean slate. But despite her overnight 180,° Esme has yet to win everyone over with her new outlook on life.

Esme’s biggest critic is her ex-boyfriend. Once young lovers, Esme and Spencer then became enemies. Naturally, when you find out that your “girlfriend” actually set you up to destroy your family, it makes those warm and fuzzy feelings hard to achieve. Esme’s laundry list of evil acts stack up against her as she’s still trying to prove herself.

According to recent General Hospital spoilers and rumors, Spencer learns Ace is his! Will he start to see Esme differently if she’s the mother of his child? So far, Spencer and Esme have been getting along just fine. Still, he doesn’t fully trust her alone with his little brother. In Spencer’s mind he envisions the girl who lied and committed heinous crimes just to destroy his family. How could he ever fully trust her after that?

GH rumors claim that Spencer doesn’t necessarily trust Esme any more as time goes on. However, it may come with the territory if he finds out that they are both Ace’s parents. Will this draw them closer?