General Hospital Spoilers: Steve Burton Reveals Jason’s Wardrobe Details- Leads to Major Hint

GH Spoilers: Steve Burton Reveals Jason’s Wardrobe Details
Steve Burton Reveals Jason’s Wardrobe Details

The excitement keeps on coming as we coast toward Steve Burton’s return as Jason Morgan. With less than a month to go, anticipate among GH fans grows.

Reportedly, Steve Burton left General Hospital in November of 2021. As past GH News reports recall, Burton was let go from the daytime drama upon violating the Covid vaccine mandate that was in place at the time.

Here we are a few years later and Steve Burton has returned to the set of General Hospital. Thankfully, General Hospital’s 60th anniversary celebration brought GH fans a miracle. That’s when ABC’s GH announced Steve Burton’s big return. Kelly Monaco, Laura Wright, and Steve Burton delivered the news in prime time.

Without a doubt, the announcement increased fan engagement significantly. In my honest opinion, Burton’s return could be the most anticipated comeback in all of Soap Opera history. Ever since January 4 announcement, GH fans have taken to social media to share ideas and theories about Jason’s big return. According to recent GH spoilers, Bradford Anderson and Steve Burton dropped some hints in their podcast, The Daily Drama.

Steve Burton Reveals Jason’s Wardrobe Details

General Hospital spoilers share that Steve Burton revealed Jason’s wardrobe details to Anderson in a recent podcast episode. Bradford asked his friend about Jason‘s wardrobe, in which Burton teasingly replied, “You don’t worry about that. you don’t worry about the color palette the color palette gonna stay the same buddy, just do you know.”

Steve’s return has stirred up many GH rumors regarding Jason’s return. And Steve’s recent comment leads to a major hint. If Jason‘s wardrobe color palette stays the same, does that mean he returns as Jason Morgan through and through?