General Hospital Spoilers: Sweet Father Son Moment Alert! GH’s Maurice Benard Sings Along With Son Joshua

Maurice Benard and son Joshua Benard sing along plays guitar

How sweet it is to be able to share beautiful music. Especially, when it’s shared with loved ones. GH’s Maurice Benard sings with Joshua in a brand new video.

Undoubtedly, Maurice is one of the most beloved and iconic daytime tv star of all time. In fact, if you scout any comments secretion pertaining to Benard, his popularity undeniable. Personally, I think it’s the way Maurice lets the world see through his soul, along with his vulnerability that draws fans in. He’s a very real, no BS type of guy. And the love he has for his family shines through his posts.

General Hospital star, Maurice Benard seems to have music running through his soul. If you know anything about the man behind the mobster, you know he loves to sing and dance (mostly dance). Similarly, his son Joshua is a lot like his dad. According to recent General Hospital news and spoilers, Maurice, aka Sonny Corinthos, recently spent more of that infamous quality time with his son. In a recent IG post, Maurice Benard sings along with Joshua in such a sweet, father-son moment.

Please enjoy this tender moment between GH’s Sonny aka Maurice Benard, and his son Joshua!