General Hospital Spoilers: There’s Hope For Luke! Frank Valentini Hints At Happy Ending

Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) arrived back in Port Charles and crashed at Laura Spencer Collins’ (Genie Francis) place for the night. After two sleepless nights, Laura’s hospitality was just what Tracy needed.

General Hospital fans were shocked and devastated at the off screen death of the legendary, Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary). Just as GH rumors suspected, General Hospital spoilers revealed that Tracy was the bearer of bad news, telling Laura first that Luke has died in a freak cable car accident.

Thanks to Viktor Cassadine’s (Charles Shaughnessy) cryptic phone conversation, we know that it was no accident at all. But what remains a mystery is whether or not Luke is actually dead or if the entire thing is all part of a bigger plan.

General Hospital spoilers and news reports reveal a recent tweet from GH Executive Producer, Frank Valentini. I’m January 4th, Valentini tweeted a GH teaser, revealing recent General Hospital previews for the upcoming new year. He tweeted, “New year – new romance – new drama! Is Luke really gone? @GeneralHospital #GH”

General Hospital rumors began, making claims around Luke’s story which involves the Cassadines. It sounds like Valentini wants to keep a mystery alive, by not closing the door on the possibility that Luke is still alive. After all, how can they kill off a legend like that?! Hopefully this is all just a ploy in a bigger scheme to defeat Viktor Cassadine.

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