General Hospital Spoilers: Things Don’t Go As Planned, The SEC Comes Down Hard On Drew

Drew’s sentenced to Pentonville Drew Cain Carly Corinthos SEC

Drew’s sentenced to Pentonville! …When we think of chivalry, to sacrifice one’s own freedom so that someone else doesn’t have to, is a perfect example. Lucky for Carly, she’s dating such a chivalrous man. Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) is an honorable man who takes accountability for his own actions. Additionally, he protects the ones he loves.

GH recaps recall Drew is dead set on taking the heat for both himself, and Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright). He seems to think they’ll go easy on him, and that he’ll serve about six months at Spring Ridge. At least that’s what But according to General Hospital spoilers, things don’t go as Drew hoped. Sadly, the cushy punishment he’s so willing to serve isn’t an option. Instead, he gets slapped with a reality check.

Thanks of Nina, Scout could miss out on more time with her father. Additionally, lives and relationships are torn apart after Nina’s impulsive decision. It was more important for Nina to get revenge on Sonny’s ex-wife, than to stop and think about how her actions would affect everyone else. Now, the time has come for Drew to learn his fate. GH spoilers and previews indicate that Drew’s sentenced to Pentonville for two years! How will Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco).