General Hospital Spoilers: Tracy Lets Brook Lynn Down, Chase Stands Witness, Tracy’s Caught Off Guard

Tracy lets Brook Lynn down about Carly and Deception
Tracy lets Brook Lynn down

Tracy Quartermaine and her granddaughter Brook Lynn are more alike than BLQ wants to believe. They both have business savvy instincts and go all out for who and what they believe in.

It looks like BLQ has become more comfortable after stepping back into her role at Deception. Furthermore, she’s definitely softened up in Granny since the whole corporate espionage thing. Ya know, that small innocent. 🤷🏻‍♀️ According to GH spoilers, Brook Lynn feels secure with her’s and Tracy’s repaired relationship, so she addresses a recent issue.

Meanwhile, Carly gets comfortable in her Editor-in-Chief chair after she met with Deception’s team. General Hospital spoilers and rumors hint that it’s not going to be a cake walk for Carly, despite her seemingly successful first meeting. Maxie and Sasha seemed to be completely satisfied with their final agreement. Carly got what she wanted and even Tracy gave her a pat on the back. But I didn’t notice that BLQ wasn’t on the same page.

GH rumors tease that Tracy’s caught off guard when Brook Lynn admits, “We were counting on you to say no.” Was she speaking for Maxie and crew too? Is Brook Lynn bothered that Tracy didn’t stand up to Carly, or is it something else?