Genie Francis Signs Contract with GH?

The rumor around Twitter is that Genie Francis (Laura Spencer) has signed a contract with General Hospital. If this is true, it looks like there will be a lot more potential for her story. Right now, we know she is here to be with her daughter, as they wait for the birth of  (what they think is) Dante and Lulu’s child that Maxie is carrying. She seems very interested in Luke’s life and was on the phone with a mystery person telling them they will go ahead with their plans. Who is Laura talking to? What are her plans? If Laura is staying in Port Charles longer than just to appease us for the 50th anniversary of GH, there is potential for her to have lasting relationships with current PC residents. Luke included. Since Anna and Luke called it quits, Luke may be open to getting closer to Laura once again. As of right now, we don’t know what Laura wants. It seemed like she was really concerned with Luke’s love life, and looked almost jealous when she saw him with Anna. But who knows. Maybe she was just checking to make sure he was happy with another woman before she proceeds to be happy with someone else. Whatever happens, I am happy to see Laura back in Port Charles, reuniting with all her loved ones!