GH Spoilers: A long Awaited Wedding is So Bittersweet

DrakefamilyThis week on General Hospital, spoilers reveal that a fan favorite couple will be tying the knot, again, and a loving family will finally be reunited.

Patrick and Robin Scorpio have gone through the hardest times since her death in the lab was faked, Jason was taken captive, and the Cassadines and Jerry Jacks help Robin prisoner, all while her family was led to believe she left them willingly. Since Robin’s alleged death and disappreance, Patrick almost married Sabrina, and then Sam. Patrick and Robin’s daughter Emma broke the heart’s of all the fans with her performance with Sam (Kelly Monaco) and then again with TV mom Robin (Kimberly McCullough) upon her return to Port Charles.

All Emma wanted was her mother, and now, that;s exactly what she is going to get. Patrick and Robin will be married this week, making all Emma’s dreams come true. For the fans though, our hearts will be warmed but soon heavy. As we know, Jason Thompson has left General Hospital, and taken a role on The Young and the Restless. Kimberly McCullough has had an on again- off again status with GH the past few years, which would not leave a stable home for TV daughter Brooklyn Silzer (Emma Drake) at GH.

After their wedding, we will soon say goodbye to the Scorpio-Drake trio that we have grown to love since Patrick Drake entered General Hospital an entire decade ago. The SCRUBS romance is one that will go down in history, and fans can only hope that some day,  as many have come and gone before, that Jason Thompson will return to the GH canvas and build another foundation for Robin and Emma.

Check out the GH promo video below.