GH’s Moment of the Day: Kirsten Storms and Husband Brandon Barash… SWOON

It doesn’t get more romantic than what GH fans just witnessed in a scene shared between GH’s real life married couple Kirsten Storms and Brandon Barash. In today’s episode of General Hospital, Maxie Jones and Johnny Zacchara, long time friends in Port Charles, had their first encounter since Johnny got out of Pentonville.

While catching up, Maxie informed Johnny that while he was away, she became a Mother. She proudly showed Johnny a photo and told him she named her daughter Georgie. Johnny proceeded to tell Maxie that he always told himself that if he ever had a little girl, he would name her after the author of, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.’ That name is none other than the real life name of their own daughter, Harper Rose Barash.

Can we say SWOON? That moment was so touching and so real. It is no secret that the two actors met on the set of General Hospital, fell in love, and are now married with a child. Being able to see hints of their real life romance is just an added bonus for the Kirsten and Brandon “fandom.”