Jake (Jason) Attempts to Kill His Own Wife (Sam); Will He Interrupt Sam and Patrick’s First Time?

While Jake still doesn’t realize he is Jason Morgan, he remains under Helena Cassadine’s mind control. Even though Helena told Jake he was Jason, she has the power to make him forget it all, and that’s exactly what she did. A few months ago Helena did tell Jake the he was THE Jason Morgan and that he was married to Sam Morgan. But of course, Helena used her mind manipulation to make Jake forget that important piece of information.

Helena’s latest mission for Jake is an order to kill Sam Morgan. Due to Sam’s impeccable instincts and P.I. skills, she has a huge hunch that Jake was the one that kidnapped her in order to distract the cops from Faison’s escape. Because Faison is the reason her husband Jason is believed to be dead, Sam won’t stop until she proves her instincts are right.

Sam and Patrick are on a date together and Sam cooked him a wonderful mean. The two have gotten past the lie Patrick told regarding Jason. They are moving forward with their relationship and taking their intimacy to the next level. As Sam and Patrick went upstairs, Jason walked right in her door. He is at Sam’s penthouse in an attempt to keep her quiet about the night Faison got away. Will he be able to go through with Helena’s orders to take Sam out?

General Hospital rumors suggest that Jake will start having memories of his true identity. Will he remembers he is Jason, Sam’s husband before it’s too late?