Fan’s Intuition: Jason is the Father of Sam’s baby!

Well I think most of us have known all along in the back of our minds that Heather tampered with the paternity of Sam’s baby, and the baby really is Jason’s not Franco’s. Thursday’s episode set us up for the reveal on Friday, that Heather was in fact involved with the paternity results, exposing that the biological Father is Jason! This gives JaSam fans hope to hang on to that this couple will find their way back to each other. Things are still rocky of course, being that Jason ordered to have McBain threatened and beaten up, causing him to not be able to take Sam and her baby to the hospital. Sam doesn’t want to forgive Jason and Jason turns to Liz for comfort… but like that last wrench that was thrown in the JaSam relationship, the fans help on to hope and knew that things would work out. So this time, some how, some way, Sam will find her baby, and be able to forgive Jason for his attack on McBain.