TV Guide Interviews GH’s Anthony Geary

Anthony Geary (GH’s Luke Spencer) sat down for an interview with TV Guide to talk about his Emmy nomination, Guza, Jake’s death,  his “four way romance,” as TV Guide calls it, and gushes about Jonathan Jackson. Despite all the Guza ‘hate’ generated from GH fans everywhere, Geary talks about how he gave him his best material.  Luke has a lot going on right now with three woman in the picture. Luke is currently playing opposite Anna (Finola Hughes), Tracy (Jane Elliot), and Heather (Robin Mattson). And thanks to Frank Valentini, we will be seeing a lot more of the truly mischievous Luke at his finest. I was so pleased to come across this interview this morning I would like to share it with all of you. Its very nice to see Luke in the spotlight again, and Anthony Geary is pleased as well. Please take time to read the full TV Guide interview with Anthony Geary, just click here.