Are Julian and Alexis Done for Good?

Julian and Alexis were the hot new couple of the Summer. They share a daughter, Sam Morgan, and were able to rekindle their one night stand romance after many years of not even knowing one another. Fans have nicknamed the duo Julexis, and their scenes have been nothing short of steamy.

Recently, Julexis had an all out blowout argument which led into pre-breakup sex. Alexis called it quits with Julian because she figured out he is the one who shot  and killed Mickey Diamond, and that Julian has been lying to her all along. He is still up to his neck in the mob, but he told Alexis previously that he got out of the business to be with her. In Julian’s defense, he had every intention of getting out, but Fluke is just too powerful.

Is there no going back after Alexis finds out the details of all Julian’s lies? He has been lying to her for months about Ric, claiming that he was his boss, the big time enforcer. As a result, Molly, the daughter of the woman he loves, thinks her own father is dead. Julia has risked Alexis and her family as a result of his lies. Thankfully no one was home when Mickey Diamond had someone place a bomb in Alexis’ mailbox.

Not only has Julian been lying about being in the mob, he has also been lying about Luke. This week on General Hospital, it was finally revealed the Julian knows that this fake Luke, Fluke, if you will, is not actually the real Luke Spencer. Does this mean he knows where the real Luke is? If Julian knows that Luke, who is very fond of Alexis, and Alexis of him, is drugged and tied up in some crazy house, and he is withholding this information from her, it is doubtful she will ever forgive him. Are Julian and Alexis done for good? Will he ever be able to win his family back after all of his lies come unraveled right in front of him?

Let us know if you want Julian and Alexis back together, or if they are beyond the point of no return.





Photo from: www.abc.go.com