General Hospital News: Chad Duell And Courtney Hope Set Wedding Date

General Hospital star, Chad Duell (Michael Corinthos), connects with his fans by giving us a glimpse into his personal life, through social media. He and his fiancé, Y&R star, Courtney Hope (Sally Spectra), share their love story with fans.

General Hospital news reports shared the great news of their engagement on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2021. GH fans have since awaited the announcement of their wedding date.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Chad and Courtney have set the date for their special day. Over the weekend, Courtney shared a TikTok made with Chad, announcing her bachelorette party, in a silly, fun loving skit.

General Hospital news reports reveal Chad and Courtney will be tying the knot in the Fall, on October 23rd, 2021.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Maxie and Spinelli Kiss!

Either you are totally on board with this or you are screaming as you read the title of this post, “NO, NO, NO! What about Nathan?!” The great love of Maxie’s life, Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson), has rolled back into Port Charles with the tide and is ready to commit himself to the mother (Maxie, Kirsten Storms) of his daughter, baby Georgie (Harper Rose Barash).

This would have all had a fairy-tale ending let’s say, a year and a half to about two years ago. When Maxie confessed her love to Spinelli back when he was about to move to Portland with his girlfriend Ellie Trout (Emily Wilson), Spinelli broke Maxie’s heart and chose Ellie. Since then Maxie has gone through hoops to get her life back on track. After losing custody of her daughter to Spinelli, Maxie went on an eat, pray, love journey to find herself. Before heading out the door of her apartment, Detective Nathan West stood at the other side of her door. From the moment the two met, they felt an instant connection, and when Maxie came back from her trip, Nathan was right there waiting, but not without complications. Levi Dunkleman, the custody of Georgie, and many other factors came into play when it came to keeping Maxie and Nathan apart. Now that they are finally together and happy, Maxie is more confused than ever.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Spinelli and Maxie share a kiss, and Nathan sees it all go down! What will Nathan do at this point? Will he give Maxie an ultimatum?

Who do you want Maxie to choose? She and Spinelli have so much history, they share a child, and they were each other’s true loves. Nathan and Maxie have a real chance at a great love, should she move on with Nathan? Let us know what you think! Are you #TeamSpixie or #TeamNaxie?


Olivia Pregnant With Julian’s Baby

It’s no surprise that actress Lisa LoCicero who plays GH’s Olivia Falconeri is pregnant in real life. The actress revealed that she and her husband (Michael Patrick Jann) were expecting their second child, a girl. General Hospital Blog has previously reported the news of the star’s bundle on the way.

Since the announcement, fans have been wondering and General Hospital rumors have been floating around in regard to whether or not this will be written into the script. These GH rumors just might turn out to be true. On New Years Eve, Olivia and Julian slept together in attempt to forget about the ones their hearts are truly with. Ned and Alexis are currently giving their relationship another chance while Julian and Olivia watch from the sidelines.

Ned and Alexis may end up realizing that they are better as friends than they are together as lovers. Will it be too late for Ned to reciprocate Olivia’s feelings? Could Olivia be pregnant with Julian’s baby after their encounter on New Years Eve?

Nathan Gives Maxie a Christmas Miracle!

Things have been looking pretty grim for Maxie and the chance to be able to see her daughter who is almost a year old. At her last custody hearing, Judge Walters denied Maxie the right for visitation because she “lied” to him. SHe was supposed to follow his ridiculous order to stay away from Nathan West. Judge Walters claims that Nathan is a bad influence since he was willing to lie under oath to protect Maxie. The fans think that the Judge has ulterior reasoning. There has got to be something more behind this unrealistic request and ruling for Maxie. What could Judge Walters possibly have against Maxie? Could it be an old vendetta against her parents, or maybe an association with Nathan or his family? At this point, it is still unknown if there is a hidden reason that Judge Walters is abusing his powers when it comes to Maxie’s custody case.

General Hospital rumors indicate a few things regarding this story. One, we know that Nathan has promised Maxie that he will get her to see her daughter. As he was second guessing himself and thinking that maybe he should have made a promise he shouldn’t keep, perhaps he will pull through and do just as he promised. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Spinelli will be in Port Charles for the holidays. GH rumors suggest that Nathan pulls some strings and Spinelli and baby Georgie will be paying Maxie a visit for Christmas!

What do you think? Will Nathan pull it off? Will Maxie get to be with her daughter for Christmas?

Alexis Tries to Forget Julian and Moves On With…

Samantha Morgan’s (Kelly Monaco) parents have recently rekindled their old one-night-stand flame. Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) met Julian (William DeVry) one night when she was a teenager away at boarding school. She and Julian met at a bar and ended up sleeping together. This one night stand resulted in a pregnancy that the Cassadine clan wasn’t too proud of. Alexis was forced to give up her baby, and today we know that baby as the beautiful Samantha Morgan.

Julian Jerome is a mob boss and Alexis is a straight laced, mother of three, (Sam, Kristina, and Molly) and a lawyer. Julian had promised her that he left the business so that they could be together. Although his intentions were true, his boss had other plans for him. Julian was forced back into the business by threats from Fake Luke (Tony Geary). After Alexis realized that Julian is still very much involved with organized crime, she broke it off with him .

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Alexis is trying to forget all about Julian Jerome. General Hospital rumors indicate that Alexis will try to move on with her old pal Ned Ashton (Wally Kurth). However, since Olivia Falconeri (Lisa LoCicero) and Ned have gotten a little closer since she and Sonny called it quits, it’s unlikely that Olivia will just sit back and watch Alexis move in on her new love interest.

Who do you think should become a new couple? Should Alexis be with Ned, or should Olivia and Ned see what develops in their love story?

Throwback Thursday!

Take a look at this photo found on fanpop.com. These baby faces are none other than the legendary couple Liz and Lucky, also known as LnL2 (Luke and Laura 2).

Share if you miss these two and their loves story together.


Are Julian and Alexis Done for Good?

Julian and Alexis were the hot new couple of the Summer. They share a daughter, Sam Morgan, and were able to rekindle their one night stand romance after many years of not even knowing one another. Fans have nicknamed the duo Julexis, and their scenes have been nothing short of steamy.

Recently, Julexis had an all out blowout argument which led into pre-breakup sex. Alexis called it quits with Julian because she figured out he is the one who shot  and killed Mickey Diamond, and that Julian has been lying to her all along. He is still up to his neck in the mob, but he told Alexis previously that he got out of the business to be with her. In Julian’s defense, he had every intention of getting out, but Fluke is just too powerful.

Is there no going back after Alexis finds out the details of all Julian’s lies? He has been lying to her for months about Ric, claiming that he was his boss, the big time enforcer. As a result, Molly, the daughter of the woman he loves, thinks her own father is dead. Julia has risked Alexis and her family as a result of his lies. Thankfully no one was home when Mickey Diamond had someone place a bomb in Alexis’ mailbox.

Not only has Julian been lying about being in the mob, he has also been lying about Luke. This week on General Hospital, it was finally revealed the Julian knows that this fake Luke, Fluke, if you will, is not actually the real Luke Spencer. Does this mean he knows where the real Luke is? If Julian knows that Luke, who is very fond of Alexis, and Alexis of him, is drugged and tied up in some crazy house, and he is withholding this information from her, it is doubtful she will ever forgive him. Are Julian and Alexis done for good? Will he ever be able to win his family back after all of his lies come unraveled right in front of him?

Let us know if you want Julian and Alexis back together, or if they are beyond the point of no return.





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New Couple? How Far Will Patrick Go with Sam?

Sam told Patrick how important he is to her- how important he has been to her since Danny got sick. She said she couldn’t have gotten through it without him. He was there for her yesterday and all the time in between. Yesterday, he held her close and let her talk about how much she misses Jason and how up until now, she has felt like he is out there somewhere.

Sam has been there for Patrick throughout the years as well. He has her to lean on when it comes to Robin, Sam has given him advice about Sabrina, and she is helping him investigate everything that happened the night that he and Sabrina were ran off the road. Patrick called Sam his “adventure buddy” but it looks like there may be something more between these two besties.

Patrick has known for some time that there is a possibility Jason is alive. For unselfish reasons, Patrick has not told Sam. Now that he thinks Jason is dead, per Robin’s lie to protect her loved ones, will Patrick go after Sam romantically?

How far do you think Patrick and Sam will take their relationship before Jason comes home to Port Charles?

Do you ship JaSam, Samtrick, or Scrubs?

Let us know which couple you are rooting for!

Olivia and Ned Get Closer

Sonny always manages to hurt the people around him. His destruction knows no limits. It doesn’t matter if it’s his children that he hurts, his flavor of the week woman, his best friend, or his worst enemy. There always comes a point in his relationships where Sonny ends up hurting someone emotionally, or they are physically injured as a result of his business.

Sonny has hurt the Mother of his child yet again. No, we aren’t talking about Carly this time, but Olivia. Sonny cheated on Olivia with Ava Jerome and the situation goes so much deeper than just cheating. The reasoning behind the hook up may even be more reason to be angry than the act of cheating itself. Ava and Sonny are both involved in the killing of AJ Quartermaine. Olivia is hurt deeper than she could have imagined just by knowing Sonny slept with Ava. After a night of drowning her sorrows in alcohol, the damsel in distress was rescued by her knight in shining armor, Ned. He saved her from drunk dialing an animal shelter and adopting all the adorable puppies… which would result in Carly being very angry with their new “doggie hotel.” He was there for her as a shoulder to cry on and to hold back her hair when she was too drunk to do it herself. He gave her a nice warm place to sleep, and a listening ear. In the morning, Olivia thanked Ned for his hospitality and let him know that Lois was crazy for letting him get away.

Even though Sonny is the one who destroyed his relationship with Ava, when he finds out about Ned and Olivia’s new found friendship, it’s almost certain that he will take his temper to his usual level 10.

Will this be the beginning of a beautiful love story for Ned and Olivia? Seems like they have already started on the right foot. Man saves woman from emotional despair… doesn’t get much more romantic than that.

Do you think Ned and Olivia could be the next hot couple on GH?